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Images on Glass


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Design Guidelines
To ensure the best appearance in the finished product, consider these guidelines when creating artwork.


  • Maximum single image size 35½” x 120”. More coverage is possible with multiple images when there is clear area between images. See DecoTherm Quality Specification for details.
  • Maximum glass size 54” x 120”
  • Line weight minimum is 1 pt.
  • Minimum San Serif Type 10 pt.
  • Minimum Serif Type 12 pt.
  • Convert all fonts to Outlines, or Curves.
  • Text intensive files (ie. Donor Boards) should be submitted as vector files to obtain best results.
  • Areas with lots of small detail reproduce best as reverse images where the detail is clear glass.


  • Up to 3 colors per image
  • Colors should not touch. Keep a 1/16” gap between colors to minimize registration and trapping issues.
  • Touching colors will most likely exhibit broken edges, show gaps or dark halos



**Please contact your DecoTherm supplier if you have any questions about design or file preparation. Following these guidelines minimizes chance of incurring additional art charges.**


  • DecoTherm images are printed at 400dpi with a 60 line screen – Areas of tint or shade will be printed as dots.
  • Bold, graphic, high-contrast vector images reproduce best.
  • Lightest halftone in large flat areas should be no less than a 20% tint or dot.
  • Darkest halftone in large flat areas should be no more than an 80% dot.
  • When using halftones, keep as much contrast between tints as possible. When creating vector images with a full tonal range, tints should be 15% to 20% apart (ie. 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%).



  • Images can be printed as positives (color = shadows) or negatives (color = highlights).
  • It is best to view a sample at the desired location and determine the proper output.
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